Sales Strategy & Effectiveness

Many organizations are struggling with flat or declining sales.  Often, in an attempt to improve results, the company “cleans house” by replacing sales executives and representatives.  The assumption underlying this approach is current staff members are not a fit—they lack the skills, knowledge or commitment to succeed. 

In our experience, turning over staff rarely results in dramatic improvements in performance.   In fact, there is usually a substantial decline in performance as those possessing knowledge and skills exit and new faces unfamiliar with firm’s service enter. The learning curve associated with incorporating new employees is consistently underestimated.

To address these challenges, VWC developed its Sales Effectiveness service.  We begin each engagement with an assessment which uses work observations, process reviews, focus group interviews, and a review of current metrics.  Our resulting recommendations—in the areas of hiring, development and training—focus on the development of competencies that allow people to produce desired accomplishments.  We adhere to a performance-based learning design, which is aimed at achieving specific, verifiable accomplishments through clearly defined behaviors. 

Our clients experience a minimum of a 12% improvement in sales goal attainment.  One client produced an improvement of 125%!

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Case Studies

The Challenge

A global manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies was experiencing flat sales growth along with rising costs for sales delivery. Learn More

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