Change Management

The ability to manage change is critical to the success of every organization. These changes can have several catalysts including strategic changes in direction, technological initiatives, structural modifications such as re-organizations or outsourcing, and culture transformations.

Our approach is goal-oriented. We help teams and organizations focus their activities on specific business results. Throughout our process, we emphasis knowledge transfer to ensure development of a change management capability within the client organization.

We utilize a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams and organizations which addresses not only the typical business elements-business need identification, project definition, business solution design and implementation-but also the people element. The most commonly cited reason for project failure is difficulty with aligning and transitioning people.

We organize our efforts around four key change management elements:

  • Sponsorship: Many projects fail because sponsorship was mismanaged. Too commonly, sponsors see their role as providing early endorsement, but with no further engagement. We work with sponsors to ensure full engagement and commitment.

  • Resistance Management: We challenge our clients to redefine resistance. Leaders are most likely to learn from people who disagree. We help leaders appreciate resistance as a potential source of new ideas and breakthroughs.

  • Communication & Buy-in: Often, the majority of a change management team's efforts are spent in developing and executing the communication plan. We advocate that our clients begin communication early, communicate frequently, utilize several communication channels, and involve all levels of management.

  • Assessment & Training: Many times, change management initiatives neglect to determine whether employees have the required skills to operate in the new environment. Assessing staff, developing training programs, and adjusting hiring profiles and techniques is critical to the on-going success of the program.

VWC offers practical, hands-on experience to help an organization respond to change proactively and with purpose. Our goal-oriented approach ensures focus on driving business results while building change management capability within the enterprise.

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